2015 City Recognition Awards

The City is pleased to announce the following recipients for the 2015 City Recognition Awards:

Business of the Year – WBTA FM & AM is recognized for the positive contribution and support they have provided within our community.  WBTA demonstrated continuous community involvement with the Centennial Celebration throughout 2015.  The station broadcasts a well-organized scheduled to interact with community business owners, volunteers, schools and government.  WBTA also had involvement in the Emergency Management Planning and Support for the community.  They continue to strive to provide excellence through their daily broadcasting which keeps the community involved and informed of the latest and greatest news.

This year, there are two Homeowner’s selected for the 2015 Recognition Award:

Homeowner of the Year – Don and Pam Hirons are recognized for their demonstration in maintaining and improving their home on 137 Summit Street and taking pride in their neighborhood.  They have accomplished the creation of a neighborhood coalition to keep a close connection with the homeowners and participate in the revitalization of Summit Street.   Don and Pam strive to keep their neighborhood safe and thriving within the community. These two are true hometown heroes who serve as role models for other citizens determined to revitalize a neighborhood.  

Homeowner of the Year – Tonya Passamonte and Adam Steadman are recognized for their demonstration in maintaining their home on 12 Washington Avenue and taking pride in their neighborhood.  Tonya and Adam created an extraordinary display for Halloween and Christmas which was admired by many.  They fabricated festive displays using memorable characters from childhood stories.  As holiday music plays in the distance, the community comes alive, drawing the attention to approximately 500 children during the Halloween season.  As the children walk away with a piece of candy they are also walking away with a memory and tradition.  Tonya and Adam’s community spirit does not go unnoticed. 

Community Volunteer of the Year – Larry Barnes is recognized for his extraordinary efforts that he brings forth to our community.  As the City Historian, he donates his time to share the connection between the past and the future for the City of Batavia.  Larry works hard to catalog important historical documents at City Hall for future generations.  He was an integral volunteer to the successful events during the 2015 Centennial Celebration.  Larry has written a book on the City’s History, has produced many articles on the City’s website and continues to offer his knowledge in tours and group discussions.  Larry’s true dedication and positive impact is instrumental to our community.   

Employee of the Year – Chad Richards consistently goes above and beyond the expectations of his position as a Police Officer.  The department has received acknowledgements from the community of his courteous, compassionate and patient behavior as an officer.  Chad is actively involved in the Emergency Response Team and has gone above and beyond his normal scope of duties as an ERT operator. Chad has been crucial in investigation and successful prosecution of many cases.  He demonstrates his true commitment to the community by participating in community events, such as, “Shop with a Cop”, which was held at the Batavia Wal-Mart during Christmas. Chad embodies the qualities that the City strives to maintain for all of their employees.  

Please join us in congratulating the recipients of the 2015 City Recognition Awards.

These awards will be presented during the City Council Conference Meeting on Monday, April 25, 2016 at 7:00 p.m., in the Council Board Room at City Hall.