Leaf Collection starting 10/30/17

(October 19, 2017)

City wide leaf collection will begin October 30, 2017 and will continue until December 1, 2017.

Residents of the following streets can rake leaves to the parkway, but do not place in the street; these streets are

Clinton Street, Oak Street, Main Street (including East and West Main Street), Pearl Street, South Main Street

(between Oak St. and Walnut St.),Walnut Street, Richmond Ave (between Oak St and Prospect Ave). If your

street has a route number (i.e. Route 5, Route 33, Route 63 and Route 98), then please keep leaves out of the


All other streets are asked to rake leaves to the curb line, taking care not to block storm drainage structures/

catch basins or not to block travel-way of streets.

Leaf operations typically have one crew on the Southside beginning on River Street moving East in areas South

of Main Street and second crew on the Northside will work from Grandview Terrace moving West, North of

Main Street. A third crew will work using a vacuum along main roads and numbered routes. It takes about 2

weeks to go through the entire city.

Any resident with leaves can also bring them to the yard waste station until it closes for the season on

December 9, 2016. Beginning November 6th, the Yard Waste Station hours will be adjusted to 11AM to 5 PM

Monday through Saturday.


· Leaf piles must be clear of sticks and other debris.

· Grass clippings, Flower potting’s, Branches, Pumpkins cannot be picked up and residents are

encouraged to bring those items to the Yard Waste Station on Law Street.

· Leaves should not block traffic.

· Leaves should not be piled near intersection corners. This causes sight issues for motorist/

bicyclists/ pedestrians.

· Keep leaf piles clear of drainage ways and catch basins. Blocked drainage leads to localized


· Leaves should not be piled around mailboxes, power poles, fences, fire hydrants or other obstacles.

· Do not park on leaf piles. The heat from a vehicle exhaust system could start a fire.

· Do not wait to get your leaves out. We will normally collect leaves twice within the month of leaf


· If it is snowing, we plow first. If it continues to snow, then leaf operations will be suspended.

· There is no leaf pickup in the spring.