September Sidewalk Replacement

To the Residents and Property Owners of the following streets:

Eleanor Place (South side of the street).

Margaret Place (Both sides of the street).

Trumbull Parkway from East Main Street to Chase Park (Both sides of the street).

Lehigh Avenue from Ellicott Street to the CSX overpass (West side of the street).

Clifton Avenue from James Street to Ellicott Street (West side of the street).

New York Place (West side of street).

Verona Avenue from Richmond Avenue to Hillcrest Drive (East side of the street).

The properties in the above listed areas will experience a sidewalk replacement project in the month of

September. The work will involve sidewalk replacements as needed, curb ramp installation and

sidewalk passing zones (where there are four foot walks). If the sidewalk replacements go through a

driveway, the contractor (Masters Edge) will provide the residents notice that the will not have

driveway access for up to a week. This is so the sidewalks can set up and cure to provide strength for

vehicular traffic. During that time period, if you have lost driveway access, those residents are asked to

park legally on the street. We have requested the Police Department to suspend the overnight parking

ban for the impacted properties while this work is ongoing.

Work is scheduled to begin on September 4, 2018 in the area of Eleanor Place/ Trumbull Parkway/

Margaret Place. Work will then move to the area of Lehigh Avenue and Clifton Avenue. Work will

conclude on Verona Avenue and New York Place.

This is weather dependent work, so some delays can be expected, but it is intent to be complete with

this project by late September or Early October.

Contact the Bureau of Maintenance and ask to speak to the Superintendent at 585-345-6400 opt. 1 if

you have any questions.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.