Snow Operations

This operation occurs as needed and requires the full support of the Bureau’s staff.  We have 17 employees and run 14 pieces of equipment during a full run. There are approximately 135 lane miles of roadway in the City.  This leaves the bureau three employees the following day to clear City properties or if any further work is needed (usually a salt truck).  Following the initial storm event, operations focus on snow removal from parking facilities. 

Property owners are responsible for keeping the sidewalks adjacent to their property free of ice and snow within 24 hours of the snowfall event.

In the event of an unusually heavy snowfall event the Bureau of Maintenance may assist with the opening of a single sidewalk path beginning in the downtown area and moving into the residential areas.  Any residual snow or ice is to be removed by the property owner.  There are approximately 85 miles of sidewalk in the city and takes 2 days and 2 sidewalk plows to cut a single path.