How do I read my water bill?

Your water bill includes basic information regarding your account.  Some of the items to know are:

Meter ID – For most residents this will be 001, but if you own a multifamily house with separate water meters each meter will be identified with a number 002, 003, etc.

Previous Date / Reading – This is the date and meter reading of the previous reading

Present Date / Reading – This is the most current date and meter reading

Bill code – Act – means an actual meter reading Est – means an estimated reading.  We always try to use actual readings every billing.

Usage – This is the amount of usage based on the difference between the previous and present readings.  The number shown represents water used X 1,000

Cap Imp Fee - This is a fee that is dedicated for use in future water projects to make the system more efficient and reliable.  For example: water main replacements, valve replacements, and new service lines with modern materials.