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Key Contacts

Leanna DiRisio

City leadership sponsored a Community Improvement Plan that was facilitated by national experts and turned-over to local passionate citizens to advance.

Vibrant Batavia was formed as a City committee in 2013 to prioritize and manage activities that will engage residents and foster pride throughout the community

There are many definitions. This initiative starts with a premise that neighborhoods like stores and products compete for buyers and for investments by people who live or work there. The simple decision whether to paint or not paint the exterior of a home or to enclose a porch or add a patio or deck are all part of what contributes to neighborhood health. Similarly, where new buyers choose to look for a home and to buy reflect neighborhood health. For purposes of this initiative, vibrant neighborhoods are places where:
  • Neighbors choose to invest, time, effort and money; and
  • Neighbors invest themselves - they are able and willing to handle everyday issues; and
  • Neighbors know one another – there is connectedness.

Neighborhoods do not become or remain vibrant by accident. Conscious, proactive decisions by community leaders and government and private sector resource partners can influence the capacity of a neighborhood to be a confident place with a bright future or not. The Vibrant Neighborhoods Initiative is intended to build strength into Batavia's neighborhoods by insuring that neighborhoods remain strong and that those where confidence is beginning to decline are able to stimulate changes that restore and sustain neighborhood pride and confidence.

This approach focuses on neighborhood interventions that are carefully tailored to:

  • restore confidence
  • encourage reinvestment
  • increase community pride
  • raise housing values
  • strengthen civic involvement


Board Members

Name Title
Leanna DiRisio Member
Marty MacDonald Member
Lynn Bezon Member
David Snyder Member
Mary R Valle Member
Patrick Burk Member
John Cascell Member
Kris Doeringer Member
Nicholas Garofalo Member
Kelly Kiebala Member
Steve Maxwell Member
Jason Molino Member
Julie Pacatte Member
Rachael Tabelski Member
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