How do I obtain a solicitor's permit?

Solicitor's permits are available through the City Clerk's Office.  The cost of the application is $200.  The cost for an applicant intending to sell food is $100.  All application fees are non-refundable and granting of the permit is not guaranteed.  Applications must be submitted with a background check from the municipality where the applicant currently lives.  If the applicant has not lived there at least 2 years, a backgroud check must be provided from the previous place of residence. 

Once we receive the application, it is forwarded to the Batavia Police Department for further review and subsequent approval or denial.  Once received back from the police department, the Clerk's Office will call the applicant to let them know if the application was approved.  If approved, the applicant must come in person to pick up the permit and must bring photo ID.  Permits are required to be worn at all times when soliciting.  Permits are valid until the end of the calendar year.  New permits are required to be obtained each year.  Please click here for the permit application.