Automated Phone System

(585) 345-6305

Below is a summary of the City's automated phone system.  Please note the items listed for each department to help determine where your call should be directed. 

Press 1 for Police Department
Press 2 for Fire Department
Press 3 for  Public Works – this includes:

  • 1 for Bureau of Maintenance (streets, sidewalks, parks, yard waste, etc.)
  • 2 for Public Works Admin (street lights, bid specs, memorial bricks, banner permits, etc.)
  • 3 for Inspection (permits, zoning, code violations & enforcement, etc.)
  • 4 for Neighborhood Hotline

Press 4 for  Youth Bureau
Press 5 for City Hall – this includes:

  • 1 for Clerk’s office (birth, death, marriage records, taxes, water/sewer payments, licensing, etc.)
  • 2 for Assessment (property assessments, tax exemptions, property history, maps, etc.)
  • 3 for Finance (City financial records, budget information, tax cap, etc.)
  • 4 for Personnel (human resources)
  • 5 for City Manager’s office (loans, grants, Council activity, etc.)
  • Press 8 for Frequently Requested Numbers – this includes:
    • DMV, Post Office, City Court, Town of Batavia