Trick or Treat.... Safely

Children’s Halloween Safety Tips

From the Batavia Youth Bureau


• When trick or treating use the sidewalks and only visit familiar homes in neighborhoods with well-lit streets.


• Only visit homes that have porch lights on.


• Young children (under ten) should trick or treat with an adult chaperone.


• Use a flashlight or glow stick when trick or treating after dusk.


• Parents should always check children’s treats prior to them eating them.


• Throw away treats with loose or broken wrappers.


• Children should not eat apples unless inspected by a parent.


• Wear reflective clothing so you are visible to motorists.


• Use extreme caution when crossing the street.  Never cross the street between parked vehicles.


• Older children should trick or treat in groups and should stay together.


• Kids who are trick or treating without adult supervision should be equipped with a cell phone in case of an emergency.


• Children should not enter a home or a vehicle to receive a treat unless with an adult.


• When using facemasks as part of a costume, make sure the child can breathe and see properly and easily.


• Discuss with children that they should never go anywhere with a stranger and that they should report suspicious behavior to a parent or the police.


• Be sure kids don't get over-heated and keep hydrated. Plan costumes according to the weather.  


• Keep track of time and don't trick or treat after 9 p.m. (general recommendation). 


• Organizing a home party is a good alternative to trick or treating.