Flood - Stormwater

What is Stormwater Flooding?

Localized flooding that occurs during or after a storm. Any storm, particularly slow-moving, steady rain storms, can overwhelm drainage systems. When the system backs up, pooling water can flood streets, yards and even the lower floors of homes and businesses. Even less intense storms can cause this type of flooding when leaves, sediment and debris plug storm drains.

Localized flooding poses most of the same problems caused by larger floods, but typically impacts fewer people and affects geographically smaller areas. Flooding of this type tends to recur year after year.

The aftermath can mean costly damage to homes and property. In many cases, stormwater flooding can easily be avoided by keeping stormdrains clear of debris, so the stormwater system can function properly.

How Can It Affect YOU?

Stormwater flooding frequently causes property damage and traffic congestion. Keeping stormdrains clear of leaves and debris so the system can perform its task is the responsibility of residents and business owners.