Second NET Detail Shows Positive Results

August 1, 2014, Batavia, NY.  On July 31st the City of Batavia Police Department joined by the Genesee County Drug Task Force (The Genesee Drug Task Force is comprised of personnel from Batavia PD, LeRoy PD and the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office), Genesee County Sheriff’s Office and Genesee County Probation participated in the second neighborhood enforcement detail this summer.  The purpose of these details was to systematical approach known problem areas within the City and target criminal activity.

In total twelve law enforcement personnel from four different agencies were partnered in a focused enforcement details in seven separate locations.  NET patrols included State St., Bank St., Tracy Ave. Dellinger Ave., Holland Ave., and the Ellicott St. Corridor. The following are results of this year’s second detail:

  • 45 data runs
  • 24 vehicle/traffic stops
  • 14 Traffic tickets issued
  • 4 Vehicles Searched
  • 3 Penal Law Arrests
    • Munroe, Isaiah J.A. age 24, Unlawful Possession of Marihuana, Court Date 08/12/14
    • Witkop, Michael A, age 22, Unlawful Possession of Marihuana, Court Date 08/12/14
    • Lattimer, Henry, L. age 33, Unlawful Possession of Marihuana, Court Date 08/19/14
  • 12 probation checks
  • 3 probation violations

Batavia Police Chief Shawn Heubusch said “The City Police will continue to make a concentrated effort in those areas that need the most enforcement. We are lucky to have the assistance of the other agencies in providing the support to these very productive details. Many major crimes have been solved by starting small; officers know that the simple traffic stop or street encounter has the possibility to turn into a major arrest. These details have a proven track record of producing tangible results and therefore we look forward to implementing them as the year progresses.”

Genesee County Chief Deputy of Investigations Jerome Brewster added “The NET details provide local law enforcement with the resources necessary to address "quality of life" issues for our citizens. Through the shared efforts of the Batavia Police, Sheriff's Office, Probation and Parole, we can have an immediate impact on drug dealing, drug-related activity, probation and parole violations, as well as related unlawful behaviors in areas previously noted for this type of behavior. Input from our citizens is critical so that our resources can be directed to areas where the enjoyment of property and neighborhoods have been compromised by the actions of others.”

Neighborhood Enforcement Team (NET) details were outlined in the City’s Strategic Plan as part of the City’s Neighborhood Revitalization efforts.  They include dedicated patrols for targeted enforcement with the goal of intercepting and interrupting the flow of illegal drugs, weapons and other contraband as well as locating and arresting wanted persons.  All agencies involved expect to continue joint law enforcement efforts in the future.  These details are not advertised prior to taking place and locations are selected based on criminal data, the presence of nuisance and illegal behavior and ongoing investigations.

If you see criminal activity or know about a crime that has occurred please contact the Batavia Police Department at (585) 345-6350 or the confidential tip line at (585) 345-6370.

If there are any questions, please contact:

Office of the Police Chief
10 W. Main Street
Batavia, New York 14020
Phone:   (585) 345-6350
Fax:         (585) 344-1878

Dated:  August 1, 2014