Special Operations

Yard Waste: Our Yard Waste Station located on Law Street accepts grass clippings, branches, bushes etc., from approximately April 15th through beginning of December.

Hours of Operation:
April - October: 12PM to 6PM
November - close: 11AM to 5PM
Yard Waste Information

Street Sweeping:  Street sweeping of City streets and municipal parking lots take place Sunday through Thursday from 11PM until 7AM during the months of May through December.  It takes approximately 14 days for the sweeper to cover the entire city.

Leaf Collection:  Curbside leaf collection is provided each fall and takes approximately 45-60 days to cover the city completely.  This operation is largely dependent on when leaves drop during the fall and the onset of winter and snow.
Leaf Collection Information

Christmas Tree Pick-Up:  Curbside Christmas tree collection takes place throughout the month of January.