City Budget

The City Manager is responsible for preparing the recommended budget on or before January 15 in each year.  The Manager’s recommended budget consists of the budget message and a balanced program of revenues and expenditures for the fiscal year.  The budget message consists of explanatory comments, exhibits and schedules concerning the budget, along with an outline of the proposed financial policies for the ensuing budget year, including explanations of the important features of the budget and of any major changes in policy.  Also the City Manager includes an analysis of revenue and costs relating to work proposed in the budget.  A statement of pending capital projects and proposed new capital projects is also included, along with the amounts required for capital purposes and other expenditures financed from current appropriations and the amount of bonds to be issued during the budget year.

FISCAL YEAR 2020-2021

FISCAL YEAR 2019-2020

FISCAL YEAR 2018-2019

FISCAL YEAR 2017-2018

FISCAL YEAR 2016-2017