Audit Advisory Committee

The Audit Advisory Committee was established to provide oversight to the financial and compliance reporting process, external audit process and control environment. 

The Committee aids in the communication between the City Manager and the independent auditor in areas including integrity of the City’s financial statement, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and the performance, qualifications and independence of the auditors. 

The Committee will be responsible for meeting with the auditor’s prior to the audit, reviewing risk assessment, reviewing the draft financial statements and making a recommendation on acceptance of the external audit reports to the City Council.  Additional responsibilities include reviewing the management letter and establishing internal controls. 

The Committee is made up of five members, two of which are City Council members. 

Contact: Martin D. Moore, City Manager (585) 345-6330

Board Members

Name Title
Marc Staley Member
David Leone Member
Nicholas Harris Member
Bob Bialkowski Member
Paul Viele Member