City Council


For individual Council Member information click on the Council Member's name on the City Council Member's page of the website.  Their address, phone number and email address is listed on their individual pages.

Council Members


The City Council is responsible for ensuring effective and responsive leadership to meet public and organizational requirements and serving as the official representatives of the City. The City's Mission Statement serves as a beacon for this leadership, and is exercised by the establishment of strategic initiatives.

Council leadership is also demonstrated through establishing policy decisions, such as the enactment of Ordinances and Resolutions and adoption of the City's annual budget. Council also approves any contracts and appoints citizens to committees and task forces.


We consider our community to include its citizens, its business owners and employees and all those with whom we interact.

  • We will continuously build upon our rich entrepreneurial history providing an infrastructure and support for businesses of all types to grow and flourish.
  • We will lead and facilitate collaborative partnerships that support and enhance our vision and mission.
  • We will encourage and provide opportunities for the physical, mental, emotional and cultural learning and enrichment for all our community members at every life stage.
  • Our community members will be actively involved in the decisions we make and active in bringing our plans to life.
  • Our thriving downtown will serve as a focal point, bringing community members together to engage in numerous and diverse activities.
  • Our community members will enjoy the feeling of safety as they live, work and interact in our City.
  • Our children, at all ages, will have choices to grow, learn, live, play and work in our community.
  • We will continuously promote a healthy and active lifestyle for all individuals in ways that bring our community members together.
  • We will be careful stewards of our environment recognizing its limited resources and continuously striving towards sustainability.
  • We will proactively consider our financial picture and how we might best use our finances to help us achieve our mission.
  • Our city will serve as a model for other small cities in its approach to an overall positive quality of life for all its community members.


Our mission is to create and sustain a vibrant, affordable, safe community where people choose to live and work and where, through a supportive environment, businesses continuously flourish.