Strategic Plan

Following the economic troubles in 2006, the City began its first comprehensive strategic planning process in 2010 with three goals in mind:  restore public trust in City leadership; use data to measure success; and become alert to emergent trends and conditions.  To ensure the involvement of all stakeholders, City leaders first surveyed citizens to determine their interests and concerns.  The results, along with empirical and percentage-based data from daily operations, short and long term factors affecting the City, and staff feedback, were reviewed and analyzed in a series of workshops. After examining the current state of the City, reviewing past financial challenges, participating in a SWOT analysis, creating a vision statement, and revising the existing mission statement, the Council identified seven strategic priorities (financial health, government efficiency, economic development and job creation, neighborhood revitalization, environmental sustainability, public safety, and healthy and involved community members), developed statements to further define each priority, and identified key intended outcomes (KIOs) against which to measure progress. Lastly, it drew up a Strategic Business Plan to help accomplish the KIOs and allocate resources to best meet residents’ needs.

The City updated its strategic plan in 2012, and in 2014 the plan was recognized by the International City/County Management Association with its Program Excellence Award for Strategic Leadership and Governance.  This award recognizes innovative and successful local government programs that have significantly impacted a local government’s culture or strategic direction. 

The factors that ultimately proved essential to the City’s success and led to Batavia’s receipt of such a prestigious award were providing citizens with multiple access points to feedback mechanisms; being willing to refine the City’s data-driven plan to foster sound decision making; and showing employees how their daily work links to the bigger picture.

Having recovered from the financial crisis, Batavia began its biennial review of strategy in 2014 with a thorough analysis of the plan and its priorities.  The City Council and administration transitioned its focus from crisis stabilization to beyond recovery and met to review the current and predicted trends to determine whether strategic priorities needed to remain the same.  In its evaluation of strategy beyond recovery, the team determined the priorities needed to build on transparency of government, assessment of services, alliances with partners, public engagement and focus on what’s important. 

With these things in mind, the City consolidated its priorities to five:  Well-Managed City; Vibrant, Livable Neighborhoods; Stewards of City’s Physical Assets; Safe and Secure Community; and a Healthy and Growing Economy.   Those strategic priorities along with revised directional statements and key intended outcomes (KIOs) are outlined in the following Strategic Plan.  Over the course of the past year the team has expanded the measurable outcomes based on data gained from the past five years. The 2017 budget also includes funding to update the Strategic Plan for the next four years.


The International City/County Management Association ICMA logo(ICMA) has selected the City of Batavia’s Strategic Business Plan as a recipient of the 2014 ICMA Strategic Leadership & Governance Program Excellence Award.  The ICMA Strategic Leadership & Governance Program Excellence Awards recognize the innovative and successful local government programs or processes that have significantly affected a local government organization’s culture or strategic direction.

ICMA’s Local Government Excellence Awards program honor creative contributions to professional local government management and increases public awareness of the value of professional management to the quality of life in our communities.  Nominations are reviewed and selected by an independent panel of 17 U.S. and international ICMA members.  In addition to a program’s overall creativity and/or innovation, the panel considers program scope, importance, effectiveness measurements and community engagement.  Nominations are reviewed in three population categories: 9,999 and smaller; 10,000 to 49,999; and 50,000 and greater.

ICMA recognized the City of Batavia's program through several activities that took place in conjunction with the 100th Annual Conference in Charlotte/Mecklenburg County, NC, September 14-17, 2014.