Bureau of Maintenance


(585) 345-6400 option #1


147 Walnut Street
Batavia, NY 14020
United States

The Bureau of Maintenance is a division of the Department of Public Works (“D.P.W.”) and is responsible for the maintenance and operation of a number of City properties, infrastructure and assets.  The Bureau’s responsibilities are broken down into following operational sections; D.P.W. Garage, Parks, Sewers and Streets.

D.P.W.  Garage:  The Bureau of Maintenance is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the entire fleet of city vehicles, heavy and small equipment.  Our duties include operations as simple as oil changes to a complex engine overhaul.  The City’s fleet of 114 vehicles and 155 pieces of equipment are maintained. All work is done in house with the exception of wheel alignments, automatic transmission rebuilds, specialty electric and some bodywork.

Parks:  This section is responsible for maintenance of the grounds owned by the City,  which include 95 acres of parks, recreation fields and playgrounds. In addition to the parkland, our staff also maintains the grounds at the Police Headquarters, Youth Bureau, City Hall, D.P.W. Garage and the Downtown Corridor. The duties include trash pickup, mowing, trimming, mulching, field markings, repairs, cleaning and athletic field facility maintenance.  Our staff also prunes and trims City trees on city owned property as well as the street right-of-way, operates the Yard Waste Station and provides curbside leaf collection.

Storm and Sanitary Sewers:  The City has approximately 100 miles of sanitary and storm sewer main and 3000 manholes and catch basins for the collection and transportation of sewer.  Sanitary sewer is transported to the City wastewater treatment facility for processing.  Storm sewer is collected and transported to outfalls leading to the Tonawanda Creek Water Shed and to the Black Creek Water Shed.  This section is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all public sewers and structures. 

The sewer section is available 24 hours 7days a week to respond to sewer emergencies.

Please call 345-6300 during working hours and 345-6350 after working hours for assistance.

Streets:  The street section is responsible for the maintenance of 50 miles of city roads and 7 miles of state roads. Responsibilities includes striping roadways, making and erecting signs, pothole and road repair, paving as well as the maintenance responsibilities of 12 municipally owned parking lots throughout the City. Routine street sweeping is also performed.  MAP of Roadway Improvements.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
McKenna Downey Clerk (585) 345 - 6403
Ray Tourt Superintendant of Maintenance (585) 345 - 6400 Opt. 1
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