5th Ward Meeting - Saturday August 9, 2014

City Council President Brooks Hawley and 5th Ward Councilwoman Kathy Briggs will be hosting the fifth of six city hall meetings this Saturday, August 9th for the 5th Ward meeting. The meeting will be at City Hall held on the second floor in the community room.

The meeting will be used as a direct connection to the council members to have a forum with residents to collect thoughts, concerns, ideas or interests from city residents. This meeting will be held from 10 a.m. – noon.

“I hope and encourage 5th Ward residents to come meet with us at this time and date. Having multiple council members at the meeting will add to the experience for the residents. We look forward to the dialogue and opportunity to sit and talk with constituents about our community,” said Brooks Hawley, City Council president.

5th Ward Boundaries:

The north boundary line is the south side of Main Street from Liberty Street to S. Lyon Street.  The east boundary line is the west side of Liberty Street.  The west boundary line is the east side of S. Lyon Street to the south side of S. Main Street, along the south side of S. Main Street to Roosevelt Avenue   and then along the east side of Roosevelt Ave to the south side of Pearl Street and along the south side Pearl Street to the City line.

The ward map can be found on the City website:  www.batavianewyork.com under the documents section.  Residents uncertain of their ward can inquire by calling the City Manager’s Office at (585) 345-6330.

If there are any questions, please contact:

City of Batavia
City Council President
One Batavia City Centre, Batavia, New York 14020
Phone: (585) 409-9895

Dated:  August 6, 2014