How to report a vacant or abandoned property?

The City of Batavia is looking for residents to help identify vacant and abandoned properties in their neighborhoods.  Distressed, vacant and abandoned properties are detriments faced by most communities throughout Western New York, the State of New York and the country.  Vacant and abandoned properties strain the resources of the City’s police, fire and public works departments, depreciate property values, reduce property tax revenue, attract crime and degrade the quality of life of remaining residents.

To assist in developing a complete abandoned property inventory, the City is requesting any residents or neighbors that have information regarding a vacant or abandoned property in their neighborhood to please contact the City and share this information.  The City is looking for information such as, but not limited to: property address, last known tenants/owners and contact information, activity at the property, condition of the property and other information residents feel are important regarding the property.  Information can be sent confidentially to the City at

Residents are the eyes and ears of our neighborhoods.  Information regarding abandoned properties you may have may assist the community in combating and reversing the negative impacts of the abandoned properties.