General Information and Responsibilities

The City Manager's Office is responsible for the implementation of policies established by the City Council and the general administration, coordination, and supervision of City operations. The City Manager's Office is also responsible for monitoring and managing City funds and resources and develops a proposed annual budget for City Council consideration.

The City Manager's Office is also responsible for the implementation of the City's Strategic and Business Plans which are adopted by City Council. 

The City Manager's Office has a number of responsibilities in order to assist City Council in achieving the City's mission. They include:

  • Support and maintain the highest ethical standards
  • Provide the necessary support to City Council to assist them in making sound policy decisions
  • Be sensitive and responsive to the rights and needs of the public
  • Be effective and efficient stewards of the public's money
  • Provide for the free exchange of ideas to allow for effective communication, not only with the public, but between the various City departments and bureaus
  • Promote the principles of continuous improvement
  • Effectively tap into and utilize the vast knowledge of City staff members
  • Emphasize team work and employee involvement
  • Actively participate in legislative issues affecting the City
  • Effectively utilize the financial base to provide adequate economic resources.