Book Online -- The History of Batavia: 1801-2015

Author -- Larry D. Barnes, Batavia City Historian

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There are 24 chapters in this book.  The first chapter deals with an overview of the area’s history prior to 1801.  The last speculates about Batavia’s future beyond 2015.  The remaining 22 chapters each cover a single decade beginning with the years 1801-1810 and proceeding by intervals 10 years in length.  Within each decade, the subject matter is further organized with sections covering 25 topics, the same topics each decade.

Hard copies of this book can be read at the Richmond Memorial Library in the City of Batavia and the Genesee County History Department in the Town of Batavia.

A publication of this sort inevitably contains errors.  Readers who discover errors are urged to contact the author so that corrections can be made.

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The History of Batavia: 1801-2015

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