Facility Services

Wastewater Treatment Plant

RV Wastewater Dump Station

  • This facility accepts RV’s during normal business hours 7am -3pm seven days a week to empty the waste tanks

Facility Tours / Trails / Bird Watching

  • Facility tours are available for educational groups.  Tours typically take 1 to 2 hours and can be arranged by contacting the Chief Operator of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • There is a walking trail that can be accessed from the Donahue Rd parking area near the railroad tracks and goes along the exterior of the facility.  See Facility Map
  • The City Wastewater Facility has become a bird watching destination, especially during waterfowl migration periods.  Bird Watching is allowed during normal business hours, but requires signing-in so that operators know you are on-site.  If it is your first time please contact one of the operators at the operations building to be given a quick explanation of rules and site layout.  A list of birds which have been reported on site is available.

Collection System

  • Wastewater is collected from properties and travels through the sanitary sewers by gravity piping.  If the piping becomes too deep it must be collected and pumped into a shallower system to start flowing by gravity again.  The Bureau operates and maintains twelve residential pump stations as part of the collection system.  All waste streams are then collected at the Central Pumping Station and pumped to the Wastewater Treatment Plant for treatment.
  • The unnecessary treatment of storm water is an area of waste that we try to control.  One of the primary contributors to this is when people have their sump pump plumbed into their sanitary sewer connection in their house.  The removal of these connections would help to reduce costs, and more importantly help to minimize overflow in the sewer system causing damage to people’s basements and personal property.


  • A brief history of the construction of our current facility can be found here.

Water Treatment Plant

Bulk Fill Station

  • A bulk water fill station is located in front of the Water Filtration Plant which will dispense water on a bulk basis in two methods.
    • The fill station has a garden hose connection that operates by inserting quarters into the machine.  Fifty cents will start a timer that will allow for approximately 75 gallons to be dispensed.
    • There is also a larger diameter hose connection which operates off of a card reader system.  An account for this along with purchasing cards can be done through the City Clerk’s office located at City Hall.  Currently the fee for water from this device is $6.06/1000 gallons.

About Your Water

  • Information on the water supply, treatment process, and testing results is posted annually in the Water Quality Report.  The three most recent Water Quality Reports are available through the links below:
  • Water is one of our most important resources.  Water is constantly moving throughout the ecosystem as part of the water cycle coming in contact with the air, soils, and waterways.  That is why it is important that we protect it from pollution.
  • Protecting storm sewers and receiving waters helps to ensure that water sources will be less contaminated and more easily treated for consumption.


  • The City Water Filtration Plant goes back almost 100 years to its original construction.  There have been several renovations over the years and here is a brief summary.